*** The screening of STIGMA on Wednesday, 19 November 2014, brought together quite a different audience into Alliance Française (Cape Town). After viewing the film, the audience got the opportunity to ask the director of the film, Dagogo Diminas, questions via Skype.


STIGMA is a film about Africa for Africa. It is a fantastic example of how film has the ability to reflect the complexities within our societies back to us while, in the same take, educating and advocating for a change in the way we perceive and deal with matters arising in our own lives. The film reflects on stigma, cultural pride and denial in Africa where HIV/AIDS is concerned.


STIGMA addresses the nuances of stigma. It highlights the multiple ways that people cancontract HIV (beyond sex) and it makes the explicit point that HIV is not only spread through male promiscuity. This tackles the prevalent perception that men are to be automatically blamed for the presenceof HIV in our homes. The film also reinforced the idea that HIV is not a death sentence and that the greatest injustice that one living with HIV/AIDS can do is to further stigmatise his or herself by believing it a death sentence. STIGMA is also very uplifting; it explores the role of the church and family, the role of love and forgiveness and the role of a healthy physical and spiritual lifestyle for people living with HIV.    


All in all it was agreat pleasure to be invited to attend a screening of such a well-made film with a very necessary and resonating storyline!


Katleho Shoro

AfricanArts Institute

DistrictSix Museum

HomecomingCentre, 2ndFloor

15Buitenkant Street

CapeTown 8001



21. November 2014, 01:40

STIGMA Screening Cape Town

  • ** A moving comment from Chumisa: "I recently had the good fortune of watching your film about the HIV stigma. Its well-written and contained sound, practical advice. In fact, I have already benefited from this amazing film. I was laughing and crying at the same time realising how we still neglecting and isolating the people that are infected and affected by HIV instead of giving our unconditional love to them. You pointed out several things that I will remember for years to come. I look forward watching it again. Thank you.​" 20/​11/​2014


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* STIGMA Screening in Hamburg

  14th Afrika Festival Hamburg

   Friday, 26th August 2016


    Zeise Kino,

    Tickets available at the cinema




 * STIGMA will run at the 6th edition of the Eko International Film Festival in Lagos / Nigeria, from 16th - 21st November 2015






 * STIGMA will be part of the Nollywood Film festival Germany in Frankfurt/Main from the 10th - 12th September 2015