Produced & Directed by

Dagogo Diminas 


Well known as one of the pioneers who developed the Nollywood phenomenon, this Nigerian movie industry which now is the second largest in the world, placing it ahead of the United States and  behind the Indian film industry.

After studying Theatre Arts at the University of Port-Harcourt he specialised in set design, set construction, make up, wardrobe and character building, working with so many success and extraordinary creativity that "special effects" exists in Nollywood thanks to him. Big names like Opa Williams and Mark Don-Ford May and films like "10.000BC", "The Silent Fall", "Last Believer", "Onome" or "Wake of Death" with Jean Claude van Damme belong a lot of others are on his way. 

With his 20 years experience in the movie industry he decided to realize with STIGMA his first long time movie as director and producer.




"To watch STIGMA should be like a look in the mirror for the audience - to observe and reconsider their behaviors and ignorant views about the theme AIDS and life in general. In best case we can change one's opinions. If not: Let them hate so long as we fight...stigmatization."







Associate Director

Micheal Dube


Micheal Dube resumed his acting cereer on films and TV after attending advance studies on acting in Cape Town, South Africa. He has featured in many films such as "Diamond Hunters", "Follow your Heart", "Albert Schweitzer", "Ambassador", "Madam & Eve", "Natalie Holloway" among others. He also featured in several TV commercials, developed in script writing and directing and he gained extra producing skills in the TV commercial arena after finishing one year production management internship training at one of the biggest production companies in Africa, "VELOCITY FILMS" Cape Town. Founder and CEO of Oloye Films, a highly devoted and multi-faceted Film & Television production company.


"My Vision: To galvanize demands, digital technology and consumers to resurrect our local film industry and make Africa the epicenter for motion picture production."






Publicity Manager
Dipl.-Germ. Univ. Sonja Nina Gellweiler


After studying Journalism, Marketing, Literature and Political Science at the University of Bamberg she worked as journalist for newspapers and magazines in Germany and Spain. Because always interested in the interaction of visualised and written stories she began with producing and marketing photo shootings for reportage, advertising and fashion at the same time as writing screenplays.


"Among my general interest in the African culture, my curiosity to experience especially the African way of life and my sadness how the HIV virus maltreats this continent and the whole world - there was one thing by this film STIGMA that won me over for this project instantly: I ever thought that AIDS by itself, like a desease, is the big problem for the infected people. To feel sick, no free access to medication and finally fear of death are already hard to take. Before STIGMA I didn't know that people with AIDS are able to die for social isolation and a kind of mortal shame."






Victor Eze





Jason R. Moffat 


Jason has worked with images for over twenty years, moving from restoring fine art prints and colour work on fashion to various award winning international films that have featured in BAFTA awards, Cannes and Sundance Festivals. Jason explores both the aesthetic and technical possibilities in grading, creating a fine and subtle sense of visual harmony. Jason is based in London, UK.


"I have colour graded several film sets in Africa over the years, and I’m always very happy when another one arrives for me to work on. I was born in Southern Africa and have a close affinity to the varied landscapes and the very particular way the light effects the surroundings, which like nowhere else in the world, and only something you can only truly experience by being there. So purely from a creative point-of-view, it was a joy to work on a shoot based in Nigeria. The subject matter in ‘Stigma’ is close to my heart in many ways, as my birthplace, South Africa, has similarly difficult social issues and stigmas related to HIV/AIDS, and it’s heartening to see an initiative being taken to spread an educational voice."






Creative Editor

Andrea Pugner


Studying editing at the prestigious Academy of Performing Arts Prague opened her the door to tell stories with pictures and to give movies a soul. She worked as Assistant Editor or Editor on movies as "Hart's War" with Bruce Willis, "XXX" with Vin Diesel, "Shanghai Nights" with Jackie Chan" or "Oliver Twist" directed by Roman Polanski.


"Editing the movie "Stigma" was for me like slowly penetrating various layers, to go increasingly deeper into that project, from the surface to the innards.

First I thought the work on this movie will be a short term story. But then I let the movie come into my life - layer for layer - and also in my innards. I needed to get myself into it's pace, attend in the process of development, accept obstacles and delays. What i got back is a lot of confidence and enjoyment of work."





Sound Engineer / Postproduction

Miroslav Babic


The University of Arts in Belgrade was the place where Miro studied Sound Recording and Sound Design and learned how to give movies a voice, direct at set as production sound mixer or later in the studio designing the sound. In the last ten years he worked in several European Cinema Movies; "Life is a miracle" directed by Emir Kusturica, "Buddha's little finger" by Toni Pemberton, "My sweet pepper land" by Hiner Saalem and "Djeca - Children of Sarajevo" which got a special mention in the category 'Un Certain Regard' in Cannes.


"Doing the sound design for STIGMA was like an intense journey to Africa, especially to Nigeria. An artistic involvement with new music, new atmospheres, new voice characters. Director Dagogo Diminas helped me and gave me at the other side a lot of free room to create. It was sometimes a challenge, we needed to record a lot of dialogue again in the studio and it was sometimes not easy to add it to the original pictures and to fill the scenes with additional foleys to create an authentic mood. But this movie wanted to come out, there was nothing that could stop it. And it's a good feeling to be one of the helping hands for STIGMA."





Additional Dialogue Recording Director

Peter Schuhmacher


After 20 years working as Sound Engineer he knows every sound problem and any solution. His education as camera and sound engineer at one of the biggest German TV channels, RTL Television, gave him a wide base of knowledge in the picture and the sound department. Because sound attracted him always more, he specialized in TV and cinema sound and worked a lot in documentaries and travel reportages, especially for the German Goethe Institute, before starting with feature movies. On one of his several working trips to Africa he decided to establish Zanzibar/Tanzania as second home beside of Hamburg/Germany.


"I went to Nigeria to help director Dagogo Diminas with the additional dialogue recording in Port Harcourt. We both wanted a perfect sound for his movie STIGMA, a rich ambience sound, clear voices, reduced or eliminated noises. We had not easy circumstances but together we all fought for  the very good result that we have now. It was a pleasure to see our progress as team and we did it for ambitious project that wants not less than save lives."






Graphics / Animation

Sheldon Drake


Known for extraordinary animations and graphics, Sheldon started his career from New York where he studied painting, studio photography, calligraphy and design at The Cooper Union for the Advancement for Science and Art. Between New York Baltimore and Berlin he worked for advertising agencies like Young and Rubicam and Berlin Productions, designing campaigns for Heinecken and Philip Morris, doing graphics and effects for music videos and movies, TV channels like MTV, opening titles for Columbia Picture's 75th Anniversary and he was lead animator for a Michael Jackson four-disc-CD-project with Rev Entertainment for Sony.



"I'm glad to be part of this project, which hopes to save many lives, and push back against the forces of ignorance and superstition. With the right information, your life can change for the better, and maybe you can even spread the news to save others."



Digital Cinema Package

Julius Schall


With his company DIGITAL CINEMA MASTERING Julius supports film makers since a lot of years. He opened his business at the time the digital film starts to take over from the 35mm movies and he sees his challenge to push these developments into the right direction, in respect of the cultural and historic value of cinema.


"We believe in the power of cinema to let the audience step back from their lives for the length of a feature film and see the world through different eyes. Perhaps Stigma is able to make it's audience see the problem of stigmatization through the eyes of those affected. And maybe this could make a small change. That is why Digital Cinema Mastering is supporting this ambitious project."






Pauline Long


Named in "Black Women" in Europe Power list and African Woman of the year in UK and recently awarded 2 Lifetime Achievement awards by UKAA and HUHO, Pauline Long is a Kenyan born entrepreneur, philanthropist, fashion designer, mentor, motivational speaker, writer and TV presenter. She has also been awarded the highest African Recognition Honour and Heroic award alongside President of Malawi Joyce Banda. 

As one of eleven inspirational women in Europe listed on "Black Women" in Europe Power list, the multi- award winning mother and wife is the founder of Europe's biggest award ceremony for black and ethnic personalities in entertainment, film, fashion,television and arts (BEFFTA).





* STIGMA Screening in Hamburg

  14th Afrika Festival Hamburg

   Friday, 26th August 2016


    Zeise Kino,

    Tickets available at the cinema




 * STIGMA will run at the 6th edition of the Eko International Film Festival in Lagos / Nigeria, from 16th - 21st November 2015






 * STIGMA will be part of the Nollywood Film festival Germany in Frankfurt/Main from the 10th - 12th September 2015