Jackie Appiah as Vanessa

Last seen on the red carpet of the Cannes opening ceremony as special guest, Jackie Appiah represents Ghanas A-List-Actors to the world audience. For her work as an actress she has received several awards and nominations, including the awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role 2010 and Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 2007 at the African Movie Academy Awards. Same Academy nominated her for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Upcoming Actress in 2008.




Hilda Dokubo as Ibiso

When Nigerias film industry was still in baby shoes, Hilda was there and has no doubt contributed immensly to the growth of Nollywood, performing brilliant in her roles. The very expressive and unique way she interpretes her characters in films like World Apart, My Good Will and Everything we Touch makes her unforgettable. Beside acting she works in her own teaching center with heart and soul for young less privileged people to make their dreams come true.




Emeka Ike as Doctor Jude

Housemates (2012)

Jewels of Sun (2011)

Heat of the Moment (2009)

Love, Lies ans Murder (2009)

My last Wedding (2009)

After my Heart (2008)

Heavy Battle (2008)

Piece of my Soul (2008)

Breaking News (2007)

Great Ambassadors (2007)

The next Election (2007)

End of Discussion (2006)

Supremecy (2006)

Broadway (2005)

Divided Kingdom (2005)




Francis Duru as Councelor

Another pioneer member of Nollywood with so many movies, among others Missing Mask, Rattle Snack, Mama Sunday, Dust to Dust, Rampage, Sgt. Okoro, Sins of Flesh, Final War. Francis Duru is also a director, producer, core consultant and resource person in the media culture, child health related issues. He worked with Unicef, Usaid (LEAP COMPASS), BBC and other international NGO's which are targeted towards positioning the African child towards better education in particular, and uplifting the standard of the African child in general.



In further roles (alphabetical order) : Soibifa Dokubo, Columbus Irosianga, Ngozi Nwosu, Clem Ohameze among others...



* STIGMA Screening in Hamburg

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